Health And Social Care NVQ

Health And Social Care NVQ

If you already have level three, then give your confidence a huge boost, by using Health and Social Care NVQ to get to level four, which will open even more doors for you, in your chosen career.
The Government in the UK has made it essential that anyone working in residential care has a minimum qualification. Those who are at level three will already be working either directly in care, or will be supervising and training others in this area.

There are general requirements that you should have, if you are interested in level four Health and Social Care NVQ. Apart from already being a worker in this field, it is also very important that candidates have excellent communication skills as well. Proper communication skills are vital, since many of the people you will be caring for, could very well have communication difficulties themselves.
It is for this reason that the course requires that you have a good standard of English, both written and spoken. Other requirements of the course include that you have to be totally committed, very enthusiastic and motivated about your job, and, be able to either work on your own, or with other people, as part of a team.

Having experience of working with other people in a care situation, although an advantage, is not essential, so any person who has finished a Higher Secondary Education, even if they are mature, will qualify for Health and Social Care NVQ at level three. It is important though, that candidates that want to do level four must already have a level three, in order to enrol.

There are some instances where international students want to do Health and Social Care NVQ, in which case, they are required to obtain and submit a Police Clearance Certificate. Local and international students alike will have to undergo a Criminal Records Bureau check, another important requirement of the Health and Social Care NVQ.

Students of the Health and Social Care NVQ will attend seminars and workshops, where they will receive intensive tuition, both practical and theoretical, on all aspects related to care work. They will also get the opportunity once a week, to enhance their communication and information technology skills, and, during these sessions of Health and Social Care NVQ, will also learn, step by step, how to properly prepare a portfolio, that will be used when they are assessed for their practical experience.

Health and Social Care NVQ students will also get the opportunity to gain experience in the workplace, by being placed with employers in the actual health and social care sector. Their college lecturer will provide them with the guidance they need, and their practical skills assessed by a college approved workplace assessor. The college will also provide candidates with appropriate places of employment, which will also include Care Sector Employment Agencies.

There are a number of reasons why this qualification is so highly valued, one of them being that employment prospects are greatly enhanced, due to this rapidly growing sector in the United Kingdom economy. Also, level three in Health and Social Care NVQ is accepted by many universities in the UK, as an entrance qualification for those interested in enrolling for Registered Nurse Training, BTEC National Certificate, Senior Care Role, amongst others.