Level 3 NVQ in Health And Social Care

The main objective of the formulation of level 3 NVQ in health and social care courses have been done by the government associated organizations for the accomplishment of the mission to build an effective and skilled work force. These courses are fully dependent on the practical learning system. Though there a formal educational system exists in our society under which the children as well as the adults are educated.

But this education system does not provide all the students with what career they want or need. Because of differences in the minds of the students the education system should also be variable. For this reason and the mission to eradicate the unemployment problem from the country the government along with different organizations has introduced differentiated nationally recognized qualification courses. The level 3 NVQ in health and social care course is one of those.

These courses are suitable for those individuals who feel for serving the society, who come forward to help the disables and who care for the people living in their surroundings. In these courses such individuals with a view to helping the society will be taught the ways to step forward for the welfare of the society. The candidates will be learning to develop different health and social care related skills as well as they will be able to develop their personal skills also.

The level 3 NVQ in health and social care courses will cover some mandatory units to be taught to the candidates such as introduction to communication, personal development equality and inclusion, duty of care, safeguarding and protecting, contribution to health and safety and information handling in health and social care. The candidates will also learn the role of social workers and implementation of person-centered approaches towards the health and social care.

In these courses the candidates can take some optional units to support the compulsory units such as supporting the disables, learning about dementia, ways to work with children and young people, controlling infection etc. The candidates will be provided with all the necessary materials they will be in need of during these level 3 NVQ in health and social care courses such as the handbooks, training resource packs, CD’s consisting of interactive skills about the health and social care course etc. The candidates choosing the dementia based units will be provided with an extra CD about that particular unit.

It is recommended that the candidates should be employed in any organization that provides health and social care services in a middle level management post, so that it will be easy for them to carry out the loads given by the instructors regarding the reports on their experiences at work. For further information about the level 3 NVQ in health and social care courses the applicants are asked to contact the admission centre.