NVQ Level 2

There are certain careers that essentially require that you have particular qualifications before you can follow a path on such careers. Whether you are required to have the NVQ Level 1 or NVQ Level 2 qualification, it is important to know what exact level you will need to have in case you are to attempt to go into a particular career.

This therefore means that you will need to do some research to identify which of the NVQ Levels you will have to go for. The NVQ Level 2 qualification for instance offers ability to have the expertise in particular activities which are usually quite widespread, thesame for nvq level 2 business administration.

Before engaging in the process, you should know that awarding the NVQ Level 2 is based on a number of factors. The most paramount factor is the ability of a candidate to apply their knowledge in a set of activities that are carried out in different settings. This Level also requires that a candidate be able to work well with other individuals or members of a certain group.

Generally speaking, it is impossible to define the NVQs based on the more common academic qualifications. As a matter of fact, the NVQs can only be equated with approximation to certain qualifications. This is usually done for the purpose of getting together substantial information, statistics and data and for several purposes. The NVQ level 2 for instance is equated to the RSA Stage 2/ diploma according to the University for the Creative Arts. It also equated to Pitmans intermediate as well as the City and Guilds craft: (BTEC, BEC, SCOTBEC, TEC, SCOTEC or SCOTVEC 1st or general diploma). In some instances, it is equated to the 1 A level, GNVQ or SNVQ.

Research by the London School of Economics equates the NVQ level 2 qualification to five GCSEs at grades A*-C as well as a Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC) first diploma. This approximation is done for purposes of statistics because essentially, the NVQs can not exactly be defined or well explained in relation to the more conventional academic qualifications.

The NVQ 2 can be equated to Level 2 VQs in respect of BTEC awards, certificates and diplomas at level 2. Also it relates to the Level 2 VQs because of the Functional Skills at level 2. At this level, one attains skills for life and this can be equated to a Higher Diploma too. Some courses in nvq level 2 include nvq level 2 childcare and nvq level 2 customer service .

The National Qualifications Framework helps candidates to make decisions based on reliable information which can help them know how their qualifications will help them pursue their careers. They can then go ahead and compare the different levels of what they attain to be able to know if they are on the right path. Therefore if a student gets NVQ Level 2 equivalent, they can be able to identify where exactly they lie when compared to other systems.